Friday, 17 October 2014

Last of the Summer in Howth

Howth is pretty great. A drive along the coast of Dublin will bring you to a harbour town that is as pretty as it is enjoyable. 

howth co Dublin, Ireland views of the sea

As a child, many a Sunday was spent traipsing up and down the walk along the pier. The best part of all was getting to run up and down the bumpy roof. It was brilliant.  

We recently headed off to Howth for a stroll and fish and chips, of course!

First of all, we drove up a thin and windy road to Howth Summit. We parked and joined the trail of people making their way along the thin path, enjoying the sheer drop below and the views of the sea and the jutting rocks. 

Howth, Dublin

We walked along until we reached the start of the proper hiking trail, and then realised what we were getting ourselves in for, and quickly turned around and strolled back to the car. 

beautiful wall overlooking the sea Howth, Dublin

We drove down to the harbour area, where we were blessed to find a parking space. It seemed like everyone was in Howth.It was sunny and the smell of fish and chips was everywhere. 

Loving the Stance of this Man! 

We walked along the row of old ships, and made mental notes of all the lovely places we had to come back to for food. I don't know why, but I find old boats so interesting, especially rusty ones! 

old ship in dublin howth lilacpaperdoll

We followed the path along and came to the steps that lead to nowhere, but offer a great view of the water and the lighthouse. 

It felt nice to be there on a lovely day, the bitter wind is a part of my memories of Howth days out!

Soon it was time for chips. 

We wanted to go to Beshoffs, but the queue was snaking far out the door the entire time we were there. We went for a classic fish and chips from Cafe Cara instead.

Confession- This is actually a photo of a Beshoff's fish and chips, taken the last time I was in Howth. I was too busy shovelling chips into my mouth to take a picture this time!  

After we stuffed ourselves and fought off seagulls, we walked again. 

This time, we were lucky enough to see two big seals hanging out in the water.  

seals in dublin in the howth harbour

They were so cute, and not at all intimidated by the gang of people staring down at them. 

irish seals in howth paper doll

We were still full from our fish and chips, but no visit to Howth is complete without an ice-cream, so I negotiated a pit stop in Clontarf on the way home and enjoyed a giant 99. 
Great times! :)

Thank you for visiting Paper Doll. 

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Monday, 13 October 2014

The Weekend - Ireland Match at the Aviva Stadium and Gone Girl

Hi there everyone. I hope you had nice and relaxing weekends, and that Monday is treating you alright!

This weekend, I went to my first Ireland match in such a long time, and it was so good! 

When I was younger, I was a massive tomboy. Like, really massive. I lived for football and was always ready to fight for my rights to be allowed play football with the boys. Sometimes with my fists! 

My dad and I used to go to loads of the Ireland matches in Landsdowne Road and it was always brilliant. The feeling you get when you climb the stairs in the stands, and you see the light in front of you, and then that engulfing roar of the crowd surrounds you as you step out and see the spectacular view of the pitch, it's really amazing. 

crowd at aviva stadium Ireland match paper doll blog

Going over to see Manchester United matches were one of the ultimate highlights of my childhood. It was just so cool to see my favourite players in the flesh, and to join the sea of fans walking towards Old Trafford, feeling the electric energy all around. Standing in the crowd and hearing all the chants being roared by the die hard fans was such an exciting experience for me. 

When they built the new Aviva Stadium to replace Landsdowne, I felt sad. As an overly nostalgic person I mourned for the familiar sights, from the burger van to the concrete walls and the smell of pee coming from the men's toilets, to the feeling of the cold plastic seats and the smell of soup being cupped by chilled hands. 

I didn't go to any matches when it opened, and then I went off travelling, so I never got to see Landsdowne Road's replacement. 

aviva stadium dublin lilacpaperdoll

S and I got tickets to see Ireland v Gibralter on Saturday. We were both really excited to see the stadium. I got delayed meeting him because the traffic was crazy due to the massive march that was taking place in the city centre. I had to get off the bus early and power walk across the city, and then found myself walking alongside the march, which was in protest of the new water charges. It was a really impressive turnout, and I'd never seen that many people on the streets. (Even though the photo below doesn't look that busy!)

Dublin march against water charges

We had a quick drink in a really nice pub near Trinity, and marveled at how gorgeous the weather was. Then we started to walk to the stadium, joining the river of supporters. We passed a number of burger stalls that smelled to die for. Burgers and football really go together, don't you think? We stopped for another drink, and then made our way to the Aviva.

There was a great atmosphere and everything was huge and new. Our seats were great and the match was packed full of goals! Ireland played a blinder, and the score was 7-0 !! Not bad, eh?

ireland v gibraltar ticket dublin aviva stadium

At half time we rushed down to queue for some food, but the queue was so long that we were still in it when the second half started. Within 6 minutes, we had missed two goals! It was crazy. We grabbed our burgers and chips and hurried back to our seats.

Afterwards, we walked back to the centre and got another drink.

We decided to go to the cinema in a very last minute decision, and chose Gone Girl. It was good, but very long. I really, really enjoyed the book, but to be honest, I felt that the movie wasn't as good. I won't give anything away, but there is a twist, and when I was reading the book, it was totally unexpected and shocking, but the movie didn't really capture it in the same way. Maybe that was just me though. What do you think?

In case you were wondering how I got on last week with my coffee addiction and insomnia, I managed to go for decaf on Monday and Wednesday night, go me! I also cheated on Insomnia with Starbucks on Monday, and I think their decaf isn't very nice. Insomnia's decaf was as nice as the real thing. However, I did still find it difficult to drift off on a couple of nights during the week, so maybe coffee isn't entirely at fault here, it's just my brain! Yay!

Thanks for visiting Paper Doll. Share your thoughts below, I love to read them!

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Insomnia- I Can't Get No Sleep!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. 

My week wasn't as insane as last week, but I had a tiredness hangover that lasted all week. To make matters even worse, my idiotic mind kept me up long after I went to bed, despite the fact that I was exhausted. I just can't seem to stop worrying and over-thinking when it comes to lights out. Does this happen to any of you? It's like I'm my own worst enemy. I feel like a zombie all day, and am dying to sleep, but when it comes to it, it's like I'm doing my best not to sleep, even though I am in desperate need of some beauty rest! 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Paint it Pink and Feel Your Boobs!

Happy Weekend to you all!

This week I was pretty much exhausted 24/7. More on that on Monday.

October is breast cancer awareness month. And yesterday was a day to paint it pink and share on social media.

I'm pretty sad that I didn't realise this sooner, as I could have planned something. When I did realise, I imagined making bright pink cupcakes as a Foodie Friday recipe, but then didn't have the time.

So instead, I turned Paper Doll pink.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Life this Week

Hello readers! Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Here's how I've been getting on this week with my Autumn Adjustments.

Actually, I can't believe it's coming to the end of September and it's still lovely out! It's great. After the cold weather at the end of August, I made a promise to myself to avoid wearing shoes and boots for as long as possible, because we all know that soon we will be encasing our feet in thick socks and heavy boots until God knows when. So, I've been rocking flats and ballet pumps almost every day, and letting my feet feel the sunshine and mild breezes while they can.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Pimp my Bread!

Happy Friday to you all! I don't know about you, but I've had a crazy week. I'm typing this lying down, I'm that tired.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Good News and Progress!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend.

I was amazed and delighted to learn that Paper Doll has made it to the finals of the Lifestyle section of the Irish Blog Awards!!

blog awards ireland

Friday, 19 September 2014

Chickpea Salad

Happy Friday everyone! I have a super healthy, and very pretty recipe for you today. In the spirit of LAY, I was craving some goodness this week.

chickpea salad

Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn Adjustments

I want to start a new series on Paper Doll. I feel like September is a good time to start fresh. I had, of course, planned to do this at the start of September, but last week was a write-off, so it's better late than never, right?  

Friday, 12 September 2014

Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes

Happy Friday everyone! It's time for more cupcakes :)

raspberry swirl cupcakes paper doll

This week, I'm sharing a raspberry swirl cupcake recipe with vanilla frosting. They were gooood.

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