Best Nachos Ever!

Best Nachos Ever - how to make the perfect nachos

Nachos are one of the best things in life! Seriously, nachos are the ultimate snack and dinner. They are easy to make and a freaking delicious!

As a nachos enthusiast, it can be really disappointing to find the right nachos when you’re eating out. You look forward to getting a nacho fix, and then end up not entirely satisfied. It seems that one of the essential ingredients is always missing, or else they’re too stingy with one or all of the ingredients.

It makes me happy to know I can whip up my own nachos when ever I want, and all I need to buy are the chips and the sour cream, because the rest of the elements are always found in my house.

What I love about these nachos are is the fact that technically, these nachos  are an acceptable dinner item. Not all the time of course, but a big oul bowl of these nachos actually contain vegetables, protein and carbs in the shape of chips.

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Bear with me now, in order to make a plate of nachos a meal rather than a snack, you need to ensure you’re getting a big serving of vegetables. And that’s where the salsas come in. I’m not talking about the jar of salsa you buy, although that is a vital ingredient. I’m talking pico de gallo and my special corn and lime salsa.

Salsa for nachos -

In one serving of nachos you have the following vegetables:

1-2 tomatoes

A red onion

Half a can of sweetcorn

2-3 Spring onions



While sour cream and cheese aren’t exactly the healthiest food to eat, they do provide servings of dairy and protein.

So, here is how to make really good nachos…



1-2 tomatoes

A red onion

Half a can of sweetcorn

2-3 Spring onions



Tortilla chips – I really like the Spar chili ones, but any kind is great. I recommend a slightly spicy variety for more flavour.

Sour Cream

Salsa – Any sort of salsa will do the trick, as mild or spicy as you like. When I’m out of salsa, I sometimes substitute Frank’s hot sauce or even barbecue sauce.



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Start by chopping the onion and tomato into small cubes.

Put all the tomato, and its juice into a small bowl.

Add red onion, but about half a red onion. You should have a ratio of tomato and onion of about 60:40.

Put the rest of the chopped onion into a bowl.

Chop the spring onion and some cucumber into small slices.

Add to the red onion bowl

Add about half a tin of sweetcorn and mix.

Corn Lime Salsa - paperdoll lifestyleblog

Add a generous squeeze of lime into the sweetcorn mix.

If you have some pineapple lying around, it goes really well in the lime salsa.

You can also add a little chili if you want.

Take a large plate or bowl and pour a layer of chips on it.

Grate a good bit of cheese and sprinkle on the chips.

Add another layer of chips and sprinkle more cheese on top.

Try to give all of the top layer a covering of grate cheese.

How To Make Nachos - Paper Doll Lifestyle Blog

Place the chips and cheese in the microwave on a medium-low heat for up to a minute. You want the cheese to melt, but not too much or it causes all the chips to stick together.

Once you are happy with the melted cheese, add the salsa to the chips.

Then add the two homemade salsas. You can pile them on the sides, or just throw them both all over the chips.

Finish with a very generous dollop of sour cream, and tuck in!

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