Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Pancake Tuesday - lilacpaperdoll

Happy Pancake Tuesday! I hope you all have had plenty of pancakes today.

Pancake prep

I love how there are so many possibilities when making pancakes. You can go classic with lemon and sugar, or decadent with a chocolatey, burrito-like bad boy. Then there’s the savory ones.

Pancake selection

This morning I made some batter, stocked up at the shops, and made three pancakes and had a mix of toppings. strawberries, pear, Nutella, whipped cream, lemon and butter. I made one coconut pancake, which was delicious.

Chocolate pancake for pancake tuesday

Now, I’m off to make a fresh batch for the evening pancake feast!


Pancake Ideas

Pancake Tuesday !!

The Classic: Lemon, butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Appley: Add chopped apple and cinnamon to the pancake batter while it’s on the pan. Serve with whipped cream or ice-cream.

Strawberry Dreams: Strawberries with cream, apple / berries / Nutella /  chocolate shavings / icing sugar.

Bangkok Pancake

Thai Style: Drizzle condensed milk over a folded pancake (no, really!).

A Match Made in Heaven: Banana and Nutella with chopped nuts or peanut butter.

The Bounty: Add chopped coconut or coconut shavings to pancake batter while it’s on the pan. Spread melted chocolate, or Nutella generously, add some more coconut, roll and serve.

East London crepes

Special Savoury: Grated cheese of your choice, onion and tomato, bacon, hummus, anything you want.

American Style: Crispy bacon and maple syrup.

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

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