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What it it about September that makes you want a fresh start? It’s likely the result of years and years of back to school, new notebooks and falling leaves.

My September new leaf itch coincided with my holiday in Ibiza. At the time, I was strolling along Figueritas beach and couldn’t help but think about coming home and all that I wanted to do. I thought it was just a holiday thing, but now I realise it was because September had just started and my internal clock was making me think these thoughts.

So, what was I thinking about?

Learning Arabic, being organised, being one of those people who are able to work hard and make real efforts to grow and plan for their blog, getting my shit together so that I can plan to eat healthily and cheaply throughout the week, instead of living day to day, the old favourite of actually exercising and so on.

As a procrastinator with lots of interests, I so often feel like it’s a struggle to excel at anything, because I have so many things going on, and I have a penchant for watching any hours of Nextflix when I should be working towards something!

I’ll probably always struggle with this, but at least I’m trying, right?!


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My September urge to be good has lasted so far. When I got home from Ibiza, I managed to spend my remaining days off being productive, shockingly getting three posts for my travel site ready to go and making a little dent in my overwhelmingly large folder of photography in need of an edit.

It feels so good to be productive, I would love to keep it up.



Last week, I finally did what I have been wanting to do for so long. I signed up for an Arabic class. Yay! I’m so happy about his, because I thought with the unusual hours involved in my job, I wouldn’t be able to take up a class. I was surprised to see that the 12 week class only clashes with a couple of my shifts in work. Seizing on this unexpected stroke of good luck, I ignored my post-holiday bank balance and booked myself in.

I had my second class last night and it was so great to see that the little learning I had attempted at home was what we were learning. I’m going to be learning Arabic ¬†script and the alphabet along with learning how to speak Arabic, so it’s definitely going to be a challenge!



Tidy house, tidy mind.


Although our new place is nowhere near ready, it’s starting to come together, slowly. We’ve added little touches to make the place our own, but there is still plenty to do.

Our apartment has all white walls and wooden imitation floors. It makes the place so airy and fresh, but also makes cleaning all the more vital. We haven’t got any rugs yet, so it seems like there is constant dust appearing. There is nothing better than when the whole place is totally clean and tidy. This usually only happens when I have people coming over, but still. If only it could last longer than a day!

One of the best things about our new place, aside from the balcony, is that I have a work space, with my old white desk back.


Changes & Reflection 

nostalgia and nervousness

Lately I really haven’t been dedicating enough time to blogging. With work taking so much writing juice from me each day, and my unusual hours limiting my time to spend with S, my family and my friends, blogging has suffered.

I also run a travel blog, and juggling both is a bit of struggle, if I’m honest.

Most weeks I feel like I just about manage get a post published, which leaves no time for all the other stuff you’re meant to do as a blogger. I spend a lot of time actually feeling guilty for not getting enough done on my days off, which is pretty stupid really.

Blogs evolve, and this Autumn chill in the air has me thinking about Paper Doll and the type of content I want to produce forward. September is as good a time as any to reflect and change, so we’ll see!

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