Some days are just crap. Whether it’s waking up from a bad dream, or finding no milk for your morning coffee that sets you up for a bad day, or a more serious issue that’s causing you to have an awful day, sometimes you just really need a little pick… View Post

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We all know the traditional ways to treat your Valentine, but what if you don’t want to go for the usual combination of roses, a teddy and chocolate? While Valentine’s Day can be a time for romance, it can also be hard on… View Post

I have never lived with a boy before, and at times it can get a little too messy. S has some sort of condition where he is unable to put things away, and so sometimes I get stressed that there is constantly stuff everywhere.  The spare room was originally meant… View Post

 This weekend I found myself alone in the house as S was away with his friends. I had great plans to get tonnes of writing done, make lots of pasta (he isn’t a big fan), and eat no meat (he is a big fan).  What I actually did was watch… View Post