Walk fast, but try not to walk too loudly, you don’t want to do anything to draw attention to your presence. No headphones allowed, even though listening to music might ease that niggling uneasiness. In the winter, or the rain, a large scarf, a hat or a hood can affect… View Post

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The gentrification of Thomas Street is well and truly underway. Not that I’m complaining. When¬†Legit Coffee Co opened its doors on Meath Street I was delighted to have such amazing coffee so close to my work, Seeing the Dublin Cookie Co. open soon after was another pleasant surprise. A cafe… View Post

Being Irish is funny sometimes. We are blessed with a global reputation for being friendly and great craic, we aren’t involved in any wars or conflicts and we were the first country to vote for and pass a law for marriage equality, a move which established us as a progressive… View Post

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Like many a Northsider, I was very excited to see Le Petit Breton open on Drumcondra Road. A french style creperie is always a good idea, and this one looked really nice. On the morning of my birthday, I was delighted to learn that I was being treated to breakfast… View Post