Are you thinking of dyeing your hair pastel? If you are interested in doing some DIY pastel dyeing, here’s a few things to know before you start on your pastel hair journey!  So it’s been a little over a year since I went from dark brown hair to a variation of… View Post

A look back at the good, the bad and the scary aspects of a pixie hairstyle. Last time, I shared with you what it is like to have a pixie haircut, and all the awesome reasons to do it. This time, I’m going to share with you the downside to… View Post

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I thought it was time I did an update on my pixie post. It is my most popular post, so people seem to want to read about D.I.Y pixies. If you are thinking whether you should get a pixie cut, read on!  I have now had my pixie haircut for six… View Post

So I finally did it. After procrastinating about what to do with my hair MONTHS AGO, and then sharing with you how bad it was months later,  the other day I rashly decided to just start chopping. Doing a DIY pixie haircut and cutting my hair off wasn’t quite as crazy as… View Post

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 I have taken matters into my own hands on the haircut front. My inability to make a decision led to me wasting even more time debating what to do with my hair.  I tried out one of those sites where you upload your photo to try different hair styles. The… View Post