It’s Foodie Friday again y’all! I’m so glad to be able to say that again. I’m hoping I can start whipping up some new creations soon, living at home has meant I’m doing a lot less cooking, which is annoying, although I can’t complain about all the free meals! But… View Post

As our travel start date¬†grows closer, I find myself feeling stressed and sad. Adelaide has been my home for a year and a half now, yet for a long time it didn’t feel that way. S and I were there out of necessity rather than a love for Adelaide over… View Post

It’s Monday again, and it is TOO HOT!!  Well, too hot to be working anyway! Adelaide is experiencing a heatwave at the moment and this weekend the temperature was in the forties.I managed to have a lovely weekend though.  Last week was a bit of a disaster, my Surface RT died… View Post

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 Hi guys, I must apologise for being a bad blogger last week. I just got back from Ireland and so my last few days there were spent rushing around in a mild panic of goodbyes and packing. When I got to Adelaide, I had the jetlag, then I returned to work… View Post

Part Three Hi guys. Sorry about the delay in posting this, I had a crazy day yesterday with computer issues thrown in and I just couldn’t get it done. Welcome to Part Three of our four part series – Decorating with no Money. Magazines- I love me some old stuff.… View Post