I am up for an Australian blog award, People’s Choice in the Best Australian Blogs Awards 2014! It really feels funny to write that. There are so many other blogs in the competition, and I’m sure they are a lot more established than I, so I have no illusions of… View Post

As our travel start date grows closer, I find myself feeling stressed and sad. Adelaide has been my home for a year and a half now, yet for a long time it didn’t feel that way. S and I were there out of necessity rather than a love for Adelaide over… View Post

Greetings from Ireland! I apologise for my lack of posts, I’m blaming jetlag! I left Australia on Wednesday and endured a long journey to get home. It started with a flight to Kuala Lumpur that was luckily pretty empty. I was so happy to have empty seats on either side… View Post

I confess I am a Christmas fiend. I live for this time of year and I always get that gorgeous glow of Christmas spirit which begins in November and reluctantly fades in mid-January. (Yes, I said MID January.) As a child I would go to bed every night imagining Christmas… View Post

Part Three Hi guys. Sorry about the delay in posting this, I had a crazy day yesterday with computer issues thrown in and I just couldn’t get it done. Welcome to Part Three of our four part series – Decorating with no Money. Magazines- I love me some old stuff.… View Post