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The gentrification of Thomas Street is well and truly underway. Not that I’m complaining. When Legit Coffee Co opened its doors on Meath Street I was delighted to have such amazing coffee so close to my work, Seeing the Dublin Cookie Co. open soon after was another pleasant surprise.

A cafe that’s solely dedicated to cookies calls to mind the Cereal Killer cafe in Shoreditch. An exciting idea, but a surefire sign of gentrification!

That being said, I was excited to try the Dublin Cookie Co.’s offerings, and as a coffee addict, a new coffee shop opening is always good news.

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As was the case with Legit, I was attracted to the store front with its grey paint (my favourite colour for my imaginary walls). Inside, you can see right into the kitchen, where all the cookie magic happens.

The counter is filled with a variety of cookies. They offer three cookies for €2.50, or one for a euro. You can also buy 40 cookies in bulk, which is tempting!

Dublin Cookie Co - lilacpaperdoll - Irish food and lifestyle blog

There are classic chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter, white chocolate and cranberry and, my favourite, salted caramel with pecan. There are also whoopie pies, cookie sandwiches and different cookie specials that change regularly. 

As I ordered my cappuccino and agonised over which cookies I would choose, a small fridge to my right caught my eye. There were a few different glass bottles of milk on offer, including chocolate milk and coffee milk. Then, I saw the cookie dough. The Dublin Cookie Co offers slabs big globs of cookie dough so you can enjoy oven fresh cookies from your own home, or just skip the cooking and go at it with a spoon, my recommendation.

Dublin Cookie Co

After a moment of panic, I committed to trying the salted caramel cookie, peanut butter and the white chocolate and cranberry flavour.

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed by the size of the cookies being sold. They were the same size as a cookie you’d get in an ordinary packet of cookies. Normally, when you buy cookies from cafes, bakeries or stalls, they are much larger. I found it a little strange that a place dedicated to selling cookies would sell such small servings.


While the three for €2.50 wasn’t a bad price, they were gone in two bites each, and I would prefer to pay a little extra for a proper sized cookie.

Especially as they were really, really delicious. Particularly the salted caramel. It would be great if they offered larger cookies along with the smaller ones, because they are really good.

I have been back to the Cookie Co. many times since I first tried it. The macaroons are really good, and those salted caramel cookies are amazing.

Dublin Cookie Co.
29 Thomas Street,
Dublin 8

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