The Weekend Edit – Clubbing, Wexford & a Busy Week Ahead

The Weekend Edit - Clubbing, Wexford and a busy week | Paper Doll Blog

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

Mine was good. It started as all weekends should, with nachos and prosecco!

The Weekend Edit - Clubbing, Wexford and a busy week | Paper Doll Blog

On Friday night, my friend was playing a gig, so we had a good night with lots of dancing and drinks.

We were heading to Wexford on Saturday, so we managed to successfully extract ourselves from the group before we ended up at an after party!

I woke on Saturday feeling a bit delicate, and very relieved that I had made it home before it was fully bright out! I managed to get myself together, thanks to a different hangover cure of two jambons and a frappuccino.

Pre-Wexford Hangover Cure

The journey to Wexford was pretty tiring, even though all I was doing was sitting in the passenger seat!

Wexford Countryside | Paper Doll Blog

We arrived at the cottage in time to fire up the barbie!

That’s the second BBQ we’ve had this year, so I’m delighted. When we lived in Australia, we had a lot of barbecues, and some of our nicest memories from Adelaide are the lazy Sunday barbecues we used to have. Now that we’re back in unpredictable Ireland, it’s important to seize any opportunity we can!

Wexford | Weekend Edit | Paper Doll

Food eaten outside always tastes better, doesn’t it?

After the barbecue came the fire.

Wexford Fire | Paper Doll Blog | The Weekend Edit

Sunday was spent lazing around before driving back to Dublin. I have a busy week ahead of me, so I needed to get an early night.

I have my final college project looming, ugh.

I’m getting an actual haircut on Thursday, shocker! I wanted to grow my pixie cut into a longer style, more like the length of  Ginnifer Goodwin, rather than the tight cropped style I’ve had for a while. It’s now the right length, but I want a professional cut to shape it right so I can continue to cut it myself.

Tonight, I’m going to a talk on the Guantánamo Diary, as part of the International Literature Festival in Dublin. I am so intrigued about this, and can’t wait to get my news-nerd fix! World news, human rights, international politics & geopolitics are some my favourite things! Lucky for you guys, I keep that geeky side of myself off this blog!

On Friday, I’ll be running to the polling booth to vote YES  on the referendum to allow gay people to marry. I’m so glad to be home so that I can vote on this important day. If I was still in Australia for this, I’d be freaking out!

Vote Yes for Equality | Paper Doll Blog

Then on Saturday, I’m off to London to visit my sister! I cannot wait for that.


So, what are your plans for the week? Any London tips you want to share? 



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  1. May 20, 2015 / 5:38 pm

    I know it’s a cliche Christine but definitely go on the London Eye. Book the ticket online before you go and print them out at home. That way you’ll avoid having to wait a few hours for an available slot. Oh and eat at Chez Antoinette in Covent Garden 🙂

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